Davis Nestbox Network

To aid conservation close to home, I am the the Stewardship Co-Chair of the UC Davis Chapter of the Society of Conservation Biology (SCB). I am leading a project working with the City of Davis, the Wildlife Museum, and the local community to create a bluebird nest box network throughout parks in Davis. This local project reflects my motivation to use nest boxes as a conservation tool abroad, in Ecuador. I currently have 11 undergraduate interns to help monitor nest boxes, and I write blog posts about this project at

To learn more about SCB, click here.

WiSE Mentorship

To promote diversity in my field, I serve as a mentor for the Womxn in Science & Engineering (WiSE) program at UC Davis. The mentorship aims to provide a supportive, gender positive environment in which mentors help mentees achieve their academic and professional goals. I just began this program (January, 2019), so I look forward to posting updates shortly. To learn more about the Women’s Resources and Research Center (WRRC), click here.